At Steel City, our rigorous curriculum and transformative experiences accelerates each student’s self-actualization. Whether through college, vocational school, the military, or the workforce, our scholars graduate ready to lead their own journeys. 🎓 🔥 #BoundlessOpportunities

In order to make that happen, we ensure our students have access to various careers and experiences to broaden their scope of what is possible! #YouCantBeWhatYouCantSee 💙 Last week the Gary Fire Department visited our K-6th graders! They talked about fire safety, and the different roles at the fire department!👩🏾‍🚒 👨🏽‍🚒 The fun continued as they checked out the fire truck and all of the essential equipment to fight fires and keep people safe. #CommunitySchool #WeAreSteelCityStrong