8:00 am

Get off the school bus at Steel City Academy’s front door. School Director, Ms. Kirley greets you with a handshake and a smile at the front door.

8:15 am

After finishing up breakfast, connect with your advisor to make sure you are prepared to have a great day of learning.

8:30 am

Time for math class! Teachers don’t lecture for 90 minutes straight. At Steel City classrooms mix technology, one-on-one instruction, and group work into a dynamic and innovative environment that meet you at your level.

10:00 am

On to English. Where you focus not only on the foundational skills but cultivate a curiosity and love of reading that lasts throughout a lifetime.

11:30 am

Back to check in with your advisor and reflect on your personal character and leadership development.

11:55 am

Lunch! Chat, laugh, and most importantly, eat!

12:20 pm

On to your social studies or science class (depending on the day) to apply instruction to the real life social and scientific questions of our day.

2:00 pm

Last class of the day! You are off to learn a new language or grow as an artist. Every student will learn and grow into a well-rounded individual.

3:25 pm

School Dismisses. Hop on the bus home or stay for after school activities.