Working At Steel City


A movement bigger than a classroom
Join the Steel City Academy movement as a founding staff member building a school deeply immersed in the Gary community! At Steel City Academy, we believe our teachers and staff are the most important factor in closing the achievement gap. In every role, at Steel City Academy, we are looking for staff who deeply share our beliefs and values and believe in our mission and our students’ potential.

Steel City Academy relies on, supports, and values a collective team of dedicated educators to meet our mission of empowering the students of Gary with the most rigorous academic skills, cultural fluency, and depth of character so they can choose from boundless opportunities and strengthen the community of Gary.

Joining the Steel City Academy team is a chance for you to:

  • Join a mission-focused team relentlessly committed to preparing students for boundless opportunities and strengthening the community of Gary
  • Ensure educational equity for all students
  • Invest in your professional growth and leadership development
  • Teach within an innovative learning community
  • Work where you are valued

Your school day, week, and year are structured to ensure you have time for personal and professional growth:

  • Two weeks of intensive professional development in the summer
  • Professional development sessions every Wednesday
  • Personalized coaching plan with weekly observations and coaching meetings
  • Shared prep times with content team partner
  • Opportunities to lead within your classroom and learn from your peers through team observation structures